Where Community Development Meets Customer Demand

Customers want to know their dollars will make a difference for local communities.

Each one of our craft centres is made up of hardworking people. Global Gift Innovators participates in regular evaluations by Poverty Stoplight, a leading evaluation process to determine areas of concern, and change over time. This helps to deliberately impact not only the artisans and families that work within the craft centres, but the community at large.

Personal Finance


Bank Accounts
for Artisans


75% of Profits
Returned to



Make a difference:

“We see lots of organizations with great heart. They want to help, but somehow it just doesn’t work. We believe in measuring community impact and learning continually.”

–Mark McCollough, Founder

Case Study



The craft centre was plagued with distrust among artisans, poorly crafted items, and little traffic from customers. The workers were barely scraping by.


After a partnership with Global Gift Innovators, Madilika has become a thriving business, with more than 75% of profits returned to local communities.

For the first time ever, craft centre members understand business, are investing in their own inventory, and are taking home fair and consistent profits each month.

Talk to our Product Development Team to see how we can partner with your local community.