Open Book Management

The success of our craft centres is built around an important concept: to create sustainable businesses, our employees, artisans, and members must be involved and understand their role in the centre’s operation. Open Book management style is central to the way we run our centres.
  • Transparent Accounting

    • Every employee should be equipped to know and understand the numbers, building trust and understanding

  • Keeping

    • Every employe should have resources to track sales, profitability to better watch progress, gain momentum, and focus on what works.

  • Teaching Business

    • Every employee should understand the business. From working a calculator to reading a balance sheet, we’re empowering MCC members through education that lasts.

  • A Stake in the Outcome

    • Every employee should understand their role and significance. This means creating bank accounts for employees, teaching personal finance, and giving members a reason to believe in the success of each craft store.

TRAINING: Power of the people

In many cases, we start from square one. Often, we teach basic finance skills before other concepts. The skills learned in business pay off for our people and their local communities in so many ways, including: generating individual savings, circulating profits locally, and sustainable futures.

“We thought we were going to teach an income statement, and we realized we had to start by teaching them how to use a calculator. Our model is about starting from square 1 and ensuring they know everything they need to truly understand business & become successful.”

– Chall Mans, General Manager Madilika

The Great Game of Business

If you’re interested in learning more about our management strategies; they’re no secret. Learn more about Open Book Management here.