It’s in the numbers

We see a lot of nonprofits working very hard and pouring their hearts and souls into a project. We love that. But at GGI, we know it’s important to work smart too. Because our management strategy is built on open book management, we always know the “score” at any given time. This means we keep track of profits, goals, and impact to insure we’re delivering on our promise to support safari camps and the local communities surrounding them.

Poverty Stoplight:

We work with Poverty Stoplight, a third-party measurement organization backed by the UN to understand our impact at each craft center. With research from poverty stoplight, we’re able to evaluate our effectiveness based on 6 factors of poverty:

  • Income & Employment
  • Health & Environment
  • Housing & Infrastructure
  • Education & Culture
  • Organization & Participation
  • Interiority & Motivation
TRAINING: Understand & Improve

All members of our craft centers receive training on the nuances and the 6 measurements of poverty, based on the individual evaluation from Poverty Stoplight. This means we work with the community hear concerns, woes, problems, and specifically target solutions to make measurable impact together, through education, action, and understanding.

“We thought we were going to teach an income statement, and we realized we had to start by teaching them how to use a calculator. Our model is about starting from square 1 and ensuring they know everything they need to truly understand business & become successful.”

– Chall Mans, General Manager Madilika