Craft Consulting

We help travel companies and safari camps strengthen their brands, increase profitability, and enhance their guest experience with better crafts and gifts that appeal to travelers. We wanted to eliminate the obligatory gift shop buy, and create memorable keepsakes that fit into a suitcase.

We work with contacts who are widely-known in national arts and crafts communities in both the US and South Africa. This gives us a unique insight to what travelers want, what is trending, and how to add the local flair that visitors love. We work with crafters to design products for which people will pay more, wear more, and talk about more.

Retail Tip:

Guests aren’t just buying an object. They’re buying a reason to tell a story. Creating gifts and crafts that will be worn back home give visitors incentive recount the time they spent at your reserve or safari. The best, most memorable products are authentic: locally sourced, sustainable, repurposed or recycled because they have a real connection to the land, the people, and the memories.

TRAINING: Art & Artisans

Crafters learn which products will be most appealing to western travelers, including specialty training from artisans and designers with hands-on experience.

Case Study

Shangaan Beads Collection


A safari camp wanted to support their local community by purchasing their handmade beaded jewellery. However, there was a huge variance in quality and most designs were not appealing to international travelers.


We sent a team of product developers into the community to develop trendy designs and to provide training and systems for quality control. Together, we created a broad range of jewellery, décor and Christmas ornaments. Guests love the product, sales have grown significantly, and the community now has a consistent source of income.