Our Signature Collections

GPS Collection

A range of jewellery, key rings, and accessories customised with the GPS coordinates of your location. Guests form a special bond with the places they make such extraordinary memories. This unique take on custom-branding captures the essence of ‘place’ in a subtle, creative, and elegant way. Shop Now 


Each design on these unique pendants represents an endangered or vulnerable African animal. They are made of precious metal clay, inspired by wax seals used to close letters in days gone by. Guests wear these with pride to make those around them aware of our rich African heritage that must be conserved for generations to come. Shop Now 

Shangaan Beads Collection

A partnership with the local Shangaan, these lovely, sustainable creations are made from recycled glass bottles and paper. A truly captivating a trendy take that allows guests to take home a piece of their experience. Our team of product developers worked with the Shangaan to implement quality processes and create designs. One of our best sellers! Shop Now 

Celebrate Africa Bead Collection

Beautiful, alluring glass beads handmade to reflect South Africa’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. Beads that capture the African sky, a Zulu hut, a majestic lion, and many others are all cored with a sterling silver casing to fit any bracelet or necklace perfectly. The prettiest little keepsakes from the most amazing place on earth! Have a design customised exclusively for you. Shop Now 

Vintage Coin
& Stamp

This collection marries old-world South Africa with classic design. We firmly believe in Reuse, Renew, and Recycle. We have produced this amazing jewellery range by using redundant African coins, stamps, and sterling silver, with a goal of using items that have served a purpose and lessening our carbon footprint. Guests love knowing that their conscious buying choices spare natural resources while bringing home something beautiful. Shop Now 

Shwe-Shwe Collection

A splendid line of jewellery and decor that offers a high-end take on a classic piece of culture. Shwe-Shwe is a traditional african printed fabric dating back to the 1900’s. Originally only printed in blue, red and brown, Shwe-Shwe now comes in a fantastic array of colours. It is named after the sound the dresses made when women walked by in their Sunday best. Guests love taking home this fabulous piece of heritage. Shop Now 

Lifetime Explorer Collection

This line of hand-cut, hand-stitched, and hand-stamped leather goods with a rugged but classic appeal hails to the explorers of yesteryear. These durable products with impeccable quality are produced by a local artist and delight men, women and children alike. Perfectly customisable to your lodge, park, theme, or values. Shop Now 


Whimsical, creative, and wildly popular, this sustainable enterprise is led by a local husband-wife team. Have an animal or concept customised for you! Shop Now 

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