Custom-Branded Gifts

Strengthen Your Brand… Increase Your Sales

Following the latest trends in custom-branded giftware, we have a complete line of lifestyle products that your guests will love to wear and share. Tastefully done, guests are more likely to sport these products back home, increasing your brand’s visibility to prospective guests. Choose from our existing designs, or task us to find, source, and custom-brand something unique for you!

Retail Tip:

In a recent poll of Western travelers, we found guests are 80% more likely to buy products with tastefully done branding that reflects the lodge or company they’ve come to love.

If you can dream it…

We can brand it.

Almost everything we offer can be customised with your logo, lodge, park, location, or values.


Case Study


A game reserve approached us to source custom duffel bags that met size restrictions for their small, on-site airplanes. Guests needed these for short expeditions or to take home extra gifts.


Gorgeous, affordable, and popular duffel bags that meet guest needs and have become best sellers fast!

Talk to our Gift Store Specialists today to see how custom‑branded gifts can improve guest satisfaction and your bottom line.