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The power of story to preserve memories, delight guests, and increase sales.

At Global Gift Innovators, we connect product developers with local communities to produce designs that are appealing to international travelers. We practice true skills transfer and training, designing processes to create consistent, high-quality products.



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Increased Sales

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Retail Tip:

“Harness the power of story selling for your luxury goods and you’ll see sales increase.”

Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor


A safari camp wanted to support their local community by purchasing their handmade beaded jewellery. However, there was a huge variance in quality and most designs were not appealing to international travelers.


We sent a team of product developers into the community to develop trendy designs and to provide training and systems for quality control. Together, we created a broad range of jewellery, décor and Christmas ornaments. Guests love the product, sales have grown significantly, and the community now has a consistent source of income.

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